Caroline County

Whether you're here as a visitor, recently transplanted, or considering relocating, you'll soon discover what lifelong residents already know... here, you're family. Caroline County Delivers on what most can only promise: small town life nestled amongst picturesque farmland, scenic waterways, and bustling towns, all within close proximity of major metropolitan centers.

The municipalities of Denton, Ridgely, Preston, Federalsburg and Greensboro, together with our rural villages, reflect a diverse county, strongly influenced by its heritage, but deeply committed to the bright future that lies ahead.

Businesses large and small make Caroline County their home base. Agriculture, manufacturing, fulfillment & transportation are all major industries here. Opportunities for our youth to grow and succeed abound. Annual activities like Summerfest in Denton, the Strawberry festival in Ridgely, and the Caroline-Dorchester fair in Williston, draw our community together.